Synapse: leveraging the web to make science more collaborative

Brian Bot, Sage Bionetworks

3 to 4 pm Wednesday, August 13th M1-A305

Brian will describe Synapse, Sage Bionetworks’ open source platform provided as a service to the research community which supports large-scale collaborative science. Synapse is composed of a set of shared web services that support both a website designed to facilitate collaboration among scientific teams as well as integrations with analysis tools and programming environments. Computational scientists leverage Synapse to carry out, track, and communicate their research by co-locating the digital assets (data, code, results) and the narrative descriptions of their work. Brian will provide examples of research communities that are actively leveraging the system to carry out large-scale collaborative efforts.

About Sage Bionetworks:

Sage Bionetworks is a non-profit organization which pilots a variety of components that are necessary to build a scientific research commons. Sage is focused on a world where biomedical research will fundamentally change to be more open and collaborative.

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