Shippable: continuous delivery, containerized

Avi Cavale, Shippable

3 to 4 pm Wednesday, October 22nd M1-A305

Shippable is a company based in Seattle offering continuous integration service. Continuous integration (CI) is where an automated process runs every time new computer programming code is checked into a repository. A unique feature of the Shippable platform is that they do CI in encapsulated, reproducibly-built and persistent Docker containers, meaning that any language and configuration can be used. This is especially useful for data analysis pipelines, which may incorporate a large collection of interacting components.

In this talk, Avi will introduce the basics of continuous integration and containers, and how those come together in Shippable.

About Avi

Avi Cavale is co-founder and CEO of Shippable. Prior to Shippable, Avi has worked in and managed large teams developing cutting edge technology in Microsoft for Kinect, Office 365, Lync, Xbox, and Azure.

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