Summer 2015 bioinformatics course series

This class is now full. We will be offering repeat courses until demand is satisfied, so please sign up for the waiting list using the registration link below if you are interested.

This summer we will be offering a series of free introductory classes on bioinformatics for Fred Hutch students, faculty, and staff. The goal of this series is to convey the big picture of how to use computational tools to address biological problems, while beginning to familiarize attendees with the specific skills associated with the subject.

The course will consist of seven one-hour classes on campus, which will be weekly on Wednesdays from 3pm to 4pm, starting June 3rd:

  1. (6/3/2015) Overview & remote server access
  2. (6/10/2015) Unix Shell I - overview
  3. (6/17/2015) Unix Shell II - learning specific utilities
  4. (6/24/2015) Version Control with Git
  5. (7/1/2015) Python I - syntax and data types
  6. (7/8/2015) Python II - building data structures
  7. (7/15/2015) Python III - writing a program

Much of the curriculum will be drawn from an early release of Bioinformatics Data Skills, which will be available throughout the class free of cost. Students will be encouraged to do a couple hours of reading and/or exercises between sessions, but this will not be required. Additionally, depending on interest, there may be an opportunity for students to work with the instructor to apply the lessons learned in the class to their own research.

Sign up here:

All you need to bring is a laptop. We’ll bring the pizza.

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